hairy farmer’s daughter.., pain + insomnia = blog !

Its 4am and I can’t sleep so after trawling the internet I find myself typing my first blog post, and for me thats sane.

Who am I, well I am the daughter of a hairy farmer from dorset, who was mesmerised at a young age by the lights of London (I’m scared of the dark and growing up in the middle of nowhere with no street lights was a night light sellars dream), and moved to london to go to university,  and I have been here ever since.

As I dropped out of my theology degree after a year I went into bar work, managment, resturant, bar and club managment, and I loved every minute of it. I also dabbled in fruit packing, making hearing loops for the deaf and working for the job centre. During my short career I got to meet and work with many amazing people and I learnt to live.

In 2002 my preexisting pain condition became unbarable, and I was left on crutches for 8 years and have been using a wheelchair and the dreaded mobility scooter full time for the last 3 and a bit years. I was diagnosed back in 2002 as having the rarer form of regional sympathetic dystrophy (RSD),  which means that a dysfunctional nerve in my leg thinks its in pain and cant be convinced other wise. This means that I have hyper sensitivity in that leg (and since then in my nose, and toe which ive broken,) and I cant weight bare on it. As I used the crutches for a long time it left me with arthritis in the right knee and basically that means wheels not feet.

I have an internal spinal cord stimulator (basically a electric vibration connected to my spine to try and distort some of the pain signals) for the RSD and I take opiates for the arthritis,  as I have a very high tollerance of oain medication… to me normal pain pills are as good as popping skittles or other tablet sized candy!just before my career ended I started a relationship with my partner, the slave and we have been together ever since! I have restarted a degree this time in psychology, become a computer game player (for those who know World of Warcraft, I was hairymary a arcane toting mage and currently play a rogue who likes nothing more than picking pokets).

I was supposed to finish my degree this year, but instead I have a cough which has increased my pain (mainly because it makes the stimulator send huge shocks every time I cough), so until they work out whats causing it and treat it, I am stuck at home.

So I have gone back to doing the things I love, getting messy, playing with words and causing chaos.

I think that brings me up to date. Oh I missed out, I have a love of hamsters, and currently we have a femae syrian called rorschach, a sweet trouble maker, who was a surprise gift from my partner following the koss of our last hammy lilith. I woke up to the doorbell ringing and after struggling to the door I found no one there but a small box saying help ive been abandoned and I need a good home on it. And inside was rorschach (named as her bsck looked like one of those ink blott tests!). So we are a family of three.

Inside was trouble with a capital R!

Inside was trouble with a capital R!


She would rather have a box than any of her toys ... it provides hours of munching fun

She would rather have a box than any of her toys … it provides hours of munching fun

And that is me,




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