note to self regarding thieving little hamsters

Rorschach is a spoilt hamster with two huge cages interlinked by a tube. Because of the size of her palacial home it sits on my desk. Next to ne end are shelves with my card making papers and crafting goodies, the other end the desk continues and inhave a range of old mugs with pens and oencils in them.  So you get the picture. My little darling has somehow worked out how to reach through her bars and pull into her cage pencils over the lsst couple of weeks, so I had to move things round. I thought I was safe until tonight, this time the thief msnaged to pull into her cage one o the pretty origami papers off the shelf.  This was made worse by the fact that I gave her some paper to chew and she hasnt touched it, plus the noise at 2am is attrocious!

Looks like I have to change my shelves round our loose my gorgeous paper. As for my thieving hammy well she gave the who me look and got the slave to forgive her.




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