Born in 1976

Lived in Dorset until 1995

Moved to London, currently the Camden Town area

Studied at: university of Greenwich,  Open university

Currently studying a bsc in osychology at Birkbeck university,  holbrn.

Worked… lots of bars.,, inc the horniman at hays, the coal hole on the strand, the queen mary (used to be docked on the Thames), the wellington on the strand, the volunteer baker street, the red lion jermyn street, oneals wardour street and carnaby street, and the masons arms at great portland street.

Other jobs., farming, fruit packing, electronics, job centre, and other odds and ends.

Loves, the slave

hamsters, dogs… ok lets make this simpler all creatures except for monkeys and moths

Being creative messy and wet

My friends

Hates: getting too hot, people who back stab

Interests: all crafts, archery, reading, general psychology, research into chronic pain, social psychology and evolout psychology, history, archeology art, Dali, ….

Illnesses, regional sympathetic dystrophy (a form of chronic pain), osteoarthritis,  carpel tunnel… undiagnosed cough…. happy to discuss with any interested or do research regarding any of them

Sane in an insane world


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